What Colors Are Best To Wear for An Interview

Undoubtedly, it is important to go into any interview looking and feeling your best. In 2019, it isn’t always black and white in regards to what you are/are not allowed to wear to an interview and that can be tricky. One thing that is for sure however, is that the color of your attire matters! A good rule of thumb to remember is that neutrals are always going to be a safe choice. Colors like navy, black, white, tan and grey will never come off as anything other than purely professional, and when in doubt this is always an easy option to fall back on. Now let’s discuss the DO’s and DONT’s associated with branching out into the other side of the color wheel for an interview.

DO: Incorporate light colors alongside any neutral shade that you wish. Lighter colors are safe and are not seen as a distraction during an interview.

DO: Feel free to incorporate more passionate and powerful colors like blue and red to your ensemble, as long as they aren’t the dominant shade. Adding pops of color in ways like a tie or a scarf is completely acceptable and shows a bit of your personality.

DO NOT: Wear bright/neon colors in any interview setting as they can be very distracting to whomever you are speaking with. At the end of the day you want yourself to stand out to the interviewer and not your clothing.

DO NOT: Mix and match too many colors at a time. Keep in mind that you want a clean look, and too many different shades/tones can be overly busy and distracting. Keep it simple and you cannot go wrong.

With these tips you can go into any interview and know with confidence that your face is what they will remember and not your outfit!

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