Specialized Accounting & Finance Jobs

You have unique expertise or unrivaled managerial experience in accounting or finance. Now, aim higher by considering one of the specialized accounting or finance jobs that we place on a temporary or permanent basis for leading companies across the U.S.

We support numerous projects, including enterprise-level audits, managed services, M&A, full accounting and finance department implementation, process automation and process improvement, financial analysis, accounting strategy, and specific oil and gas functions. Aim higher by finding the right role on your career path!

Accounting & Finance Roles

  • CFO
  • Controller/VP Finance
  • Accounting Manager
  • FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis)
  • Financial Reporting
  • Tax & Audit Positions
  • Senior Accountants
  • Staff and Financial Analysts
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Oil and Gas Accountants – Upstream, Midstream, Downstream
    • Revenue
    • JIB
    • Production
    • Division Order Analyst

Why Choose VC5 for F&A?

  1. Proactive Recruiting: We take a proactive approach to recruiting meaning we have a deep pool of top F&A talent ready to go prior to your reaching out to us with you recruiting needs. We don’t wait for a client’s call to get started, we actively source and cultivate relationships with high-performing F&A talent on a daily basis.

  2. SpecializationUnlike other recruiting firms that may generalize across a wide variety of industries, we place our sole focus on F&A and Technology which means our recruiters devote all of their time to these fields resulting in a deeper knowledge and network in the realm of F&A. This translates to access to the top companies in finance and accounting for job seekers, as well as a deep bench of talent for employers looking for only the most qualified people for their vacancies.

  3. Passive Candidate Networks: VC5 recruiters have extensive networks and connections with both passive and active candidates that they have developed over years of working in the industry. We reach out to these passive candidate and steer them towards your company’s open positions which eliminates the time and resources needed for your own in-house recruiting.

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