Case Studies

Here are some of our client success stories breaking down how we assessed the client need and provided a tailored solution to meet and exceed their hiring expectations:

Leidos - American Defense, Aviation and IT

Case Studies 1

Client Challenge: Leidos was about to miss a deliverable on what was, at the time, the largest ServiceNow implementation in the US with over 1243 facilities. The 15 vendors on their VMS program had not delivered so they gave VC5 a chance. While we had no previous experience with ServiceNow, we filled 4 out of the 5 order they have us in the first 2 weeks. 

Approach: As with any new client or technology, our first step is gaining knowledge. We don’t just begin by “winging it” and hoping to stumble on some good candidates on the job board. We start with a meeting where the recruiting team is presented background on both the client need and the technologies. We typically do training on the technology, versions the clients are using and purpose of the project/need. We knew very little about ServiceNow up until that point. We then begin to network with our consultant base, senior ServiceNow consultants we have reference checked and know have good networks, then we ramp up on the new technology by building a large, diverse database within that area.


  • We began working with Leidos in 2017, VC5 is now recognized as a “Green Vendor” which is the highest distinction given to vendors within Leidos
  • A VC5 Consulting consultant is now the BA/QA Manager for Leidos and has been on contract for the past 2 years
  • One of our developers was recognized as a top performer for the organization and has been extended and utilized on multiple projects within the organization
  • Now we are supporting two other nationwide projects spread across Reston, Virginia, Austin, Texas, and Hershey, Pennsylvania

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Case Studies 2

Client Challenge: Anadarko was undergoing a Digital Transformation where they were implementing cutting edge technologies to help their wells be more efficient. This initiative had high visibility from their board of directors an was seen as an impactful change for their entire organization. Anadarko was working with 5 other vendors but was not getting the quality manpower they needed to deliver on the project.

Approach: Anadarko was implementing GCP (Google Cloud Platform) which has 6% marketshare behind Aws and Azure so the candidate base with experience is much smaller. We held an initial meeting to get our recruiters the required information on Anadarko’s needs and the relevant technologies. We then began to network with our consultant base for candidates who have extensive experience with GCP and can best serve our client.


  • By the end of the project we were recognized as Top Partner by Anadarko
  • Over the 1.5 year period of the project, while competing with the other established firms, we made over 30 successful placements
  • VC5 Consulting built out Anadarko’s entire GeoPython group of 5 data engineers
  • We placed 3 of their 4 front-end developers, 2 of which were recognized in the company town hall for their outstanding work
  • We placed a Scrum Master who was promoted to lead the Agile Transformation

CardTronics - Financial Services

Case Studies 3

Client Challenge: CardTronics needed to build out a new development team for a critical deliverable for the organization. This was a high-visibility project driven by their board of directors and the new team of FTEs needed to be completed within 60 days.

Approach: We first met with the SVP of Development, CIO, and HR Director to gather requirements and define a process to deliver. The requirements defined timelines, budgets, technology stacks & application types, cultures fit, order of hires, calendar access & availability of interviewers, background/drug tests, and onboarding. We customized our recruitment process, utilized new technologies, and dedicated resources to recruit, schedule, and onboard in the time frame allotted.


  • All 13 positions were filled successfully within the timeframe and over 1 year later, the whole team is still employed by CardTronics
  • 6 months into the project, the team delivered on the original objective and received glowing reviews on a highly visible and critical business need
  • Other business units were impressed by the quality of our work and tacked on to the exclusive; overall, we helped other business units hire 6 more individuals in addition to the executive development team build-out

Frozen Food Express

Case Studies 4

Client Challenge: Frozen Food Express was tasked with transforming their global Service Desk team. Project was handed down from the C Suite and required the implementation of new KPIs and fixing the bad customer service reputation the team had developed. We were added to the IT vendor list to recruit and manager 3 shifts of L1/L2 Service Desk contractors (15 to 18 people in total).

Approach: Our recruiting approach was no different than any other staffing engagement (outlined in case studies above) but we did add weekly onsite visits in order to manager the contractors. We were given access badges in order to check in on our contractors, do monthly visits, and resolve any day-to-day issues. We implemented a new issue resolution process for all contractors at that client. All contractors were given clear direction and contact information for workplace issues, tardy or sick day processed, and customer service/KPI expectations.


  • We became the top vendor from the Service Desk within 3 months and became their exclusive vendor for the Service Desk in the first year
  • The Service Desk reputation rapidly turned around with no budget increase, better retention, and KPIs strengthened
  • Word of our quality spread throughout their IT organization and we soon filled contract and direct hire positions in their Network, Systems, Security, PM/BA, and SAP teams


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