Specialized Approach

Hiring is in the dark ages with most hiring taking too much time, most hires based on gut and intuition, and most consulting firms taking a generalist, one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t add much to the equation.

We provide a niche-based, analytics-driven, multi-step process to identify and qualify candidates that increases the odds that a company is successful in hiring so they can focus on growing their core business.

Do you need to fill critical roles with specialized talent? We find talent for accounting, finance, and technology jobs for leading companies of all sizes. Our reputable consulting and recruiting service follows a proven method to recruit, vet, and place hard-to-find talent in your company. We aim higher so that you can grow.

Accounting & Finance

Whether you are the Director of Accounting, Director of Finance, or the HR manager for your organization, we will work with you to fill specialized accounting and finance roles.

We follow a proven methodology to ensure that your critical roles are strategically filled with hard-to-find consultants. The result is a fully-functioning and highly-capable Accounting or Finance department to support your organization’s growth objectives.


Do you want to work with someone who specializes in a specific technology, not just general technology? Do you need to fill critical technology roles with specialized talent for ongoing support or project work? We place technology consultants in your organization using a proven methodology for recruitment, vetting, and placement.

We match technology professionals in our deep talent pool with the needed roles in your organization to find the right talent match.