Summary vs. Objective: Resume Edition

The old Summary vs. Objective argument. We have all dealt with the struggles of fine-tuning our resumes in some fashion during our lifetime, and this is a topic that a lot of people seem to struggle with. After speaking with a few hiring managers, I would say that although it doesn’t necessarily tend to be a make it or break it issue when looking to fill a position, it is important and should be thoughtfully decided by the candidate. The most important question to consider when making this decision is, “What is the job that you are applying for?” Is it an entry level position? Is it a position that relies on proving your previous success? Is it a job based on statistics or sales? All of these questions are equally as important and we will dive into that now. If this is your first position out of college or you are making an industry switch, most would say that an objective is probably better suited for you based off of your little experience. If the job you are striving for is an executive level sales position however, an objective statement would only be telling the recruiter/ hiring manager what they already know. In circumstances like this, the summary would be better suited so that you can start out by listing previous accomplishments. This will initiate a spark of interest on their behalf because you fall into the category of experience in which they are looking for. Let me include some examples to further explain our thought process.


  • “Strives to obtain a position as a customer service representative for ABC services where I can connect and help others while serving the overall business of the company”

In this circumstance, the Objective would be a better fit due to the fact that it is not a senior level position, nor a position that is dependent on your past experience.


  • “ In my 20 years as an account manager in the advertising industry, I have handled over 250 different accounts all while helping create a revenue amounted to nearly a million dollars.”

In this circumstance, you can see that the position being applied for is at a more advanced level, and listing off your accolades seems necessary. As long as you thoughtfully contemplate the tips given above, you will have no issue crafting the opening of your resume, that we know will land you your dream job! We believe in you!

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