5 Misconceptions About Recruiting Agencies: Candidate Edition

Hey, we get it! We aren’t always understood by the public and we are here to change that! There are many wrong assumptions, made daily, by people regarding recruiting agencies. Here are some common misconceptions that we want to shatter.

  • We take your money: We don’t take a dime from you! We work for you because we know how hard the job search can be. Don’t worry about how we get paid just leave that to us and let us find you the perfect job! We are only paid by a client when we find them the best candidate!
  • We only care about getting a role filled: At the end of the day we have a huge responsibility to both you and our clients, who are looking for the perfect candidate. If either party isn’t happy with the placement, we aren’t successful! There is a balancing act to recruiting and we strive to find you the job you are dreaming of as well as make the right choice on behalf of our clients. Trust us, we’re good at this!
  • You will make less if you go through a staffing agency: If this was the case, would we be so successful? Definitely not! We strive to not only find the best fit for you but to negotiate salary wise on your behalf as well. This is not to say that you will not have an opportunity at any point to negotiate yourself, but we do the work upfront for you initially so that we can bring you the best options!
  • We will only place you for temporary positions: Tell us what you want and we will make it happen! Whether it’s part-time, full-time, temporary or temp to hire positions that you are looking for, we have options! We work with a plethora of companies who are constantly looking to fill all types of positions.

  • We only help entry-level candidates: We love working with all candidates, regardless if you have been in the workplace for years or are a recent graduate. Regardless of your personal experience level, you are reading this for a reason. Let us help you.

It’s ok that you may need assistance when looking for a position and it’s even more okay to explore all of your options in order to find that assistance. Stay open to all avenues in the job search, because you never know what might be the ticket to your dream job! Contact us if you are ready to take the leap, IT’S OUR JOB!

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